The Ways Games Are Changing Modern Museums

Unless the museum is about the games themselves, you won’t expect to see a lot of gaming as a part of your favorite exhibition. However, in recent years, museums have found a way to engage their visitors by giving them an opportunity to interact with a lot of the artifacts by implementing gaming elements like motion capture, augmented reality, and others – just like online casinos do it with promos such as Cozino Bonus.

In this article, we will take a look at how these gaming elements are used to enhance the museum experience and make them ultimately more interesting to the visitors. Read on!

What Is the Goal of Interactive Museums?

For centuries, visiting a museum has been a passive activity for the most part. You would observe the collections and maybe take a photo or two, but that was it. While popular museums don’t have any declines in the number of their visitors, they still tend to keep in touch with the latest technological innovations and make themselves more appealing to a new generation.

By gamifying some of their exhibits, museums have a goal of making people leave their homes and experience something new and exciting. It’s not only the same old passive observation anymore, but also interaction and participation in the exhibit, making the visitors feel more connected to the object they’re witnessing.

Gaming elements in museums are also a great way to get children and younger crowds into art, science, and history. They are already familiar with tech gadgets and find them quite appealing, so giving them an opportunity to use them in a museum is a great way to keep them interested.

So, games don’t necessarily need to be used solely for entertainment. They can also be quite useful as learning tools and help children and adults alike gain new knowledge.


At first, you might not see the connection between gaming and a visit to a museum, but there are, in fact, a lot of ways that you can gamify the exhibits.

For example, the Albertina Museum in Vienna has made a mobile app called Artivive that lets you interact with certain paintings. It is what’s called augmented reality, making changes to the real-world environment around you. By pointing your phone camera to a painting, the object will “come to life” and the animation will be played on your mobile screen. The app works for plenty of paintings in the museum, including some famous artworks by Picasso and Monet.

The American Museum of Natural History also has a similar project called MicroRangers. All you need to do is download the app that lets you explore different parts of the museum with the help of virtual scientists. The game will also put you on various missions across the exhibit halls and give you a chance to learn more about microorganisms and other animals.


Our world is changing due to a lot of technological innovations in the last several years. As time goes by, we learn that these innovations can help us in our everyday lives by giving us a chance to explore new subjects in an entirely new way.

Gaming in museums is still in its infancy, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you see more and more institutions turn to gaming as one of their prime sources of attracting visitors.

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