Like Gaming? You Must Visit These Gaming Museums!

Gaming has become so popular that it inspired many people to create museums devoted to this type of entertainment. Many game lovers agree that games have become a special art form, deserving to have museums devoted to them. Therefore, if you are an avid gamer, pay attention to the venues we are going to present in this article as they can give you the time of your life.

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment

A couple of years ago, a group of enthusiasts started a Kickstarter campaign in order to create a unique type of museum which will focus on video games. They called it the Museum of Art And Digital Entertainment (aka the MADE), and it is currently located in Oakland, California. 

Apart from witnessing how games have changed through history, visitors can also partake in various activities such as game development classes or interactive storytelling. Needless to say, there are various tournaments taking place in this venue every now and then.

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Now an outdated type of entertainment, arcades were once the most popular type of games. They created the basis for further game development, and some of them are very popular among collectors.

Starting from the mid-70s, the USSR joined the world in creating arcade machines, giving people an opportunity to experience something that was a revolutionary type of entertainment back then. In 2007, the museum opened in Moscow, with the collection of the most popular arcade games from the USSR. All visitors are given 15 kopeck coins which they can use to play these games in the museum.

Computerspielemuseum Berlin

Founded back in 1997, the video game museum in Berlin is one of the first of its kind. However, it was active only for three years straight. The reason why it can be found in this article is that it reopened back in 2011. Therefore, if you ever happen to visit Berlin, make sure to check it out in Friedrichshain neighborhood.

The museum currently has approximately 25,000 data storage devices containing various games. Moreover, you can find various technical magazines, as well as old arcade games. Apart from games, there are many devices that supported them such as consoles, home computers and more.

The Video Game Museum of Rome

The Video Game Museum of Rome (also known as VIGAMUS) is a comprehensive venue that gives its visitors a complete history of video games. The museum was announced in 2010 and opened its doors in 2012. The entire concept of the museum is to start with the oldest video games and equipment and witness how they made progress as you walk through the museum.

At this moment, you can find more than 440 pieces related to video games in addition to 100 panels with information about them. There are also various areas that are related to different ways we play games such as the arcade games room, the console games room, and the Oculus VR room.

The Nostalgia Box

The Nostalgia Box is a video games museum founded by Jessie Yeoh who wanted to evoke nostalgia to visitors who would remember their childhood once they recall the old video games. As soon as you enter, you will be able to see over 100 items, mainly video consoles. Located in Perth, Australia, this museum also hosts various events that are related to games development. The venue was so popular that it had to offer an online variant of the museum in order to avoid overcrowding. If you visit the Land Down Under, make sure to take a stroll “down the gaming memory lane.”

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